Our History

In the fall of 1975, Clarice Chapman, a minister, placed an ad in the Savannah Morning News asking anyone in the area who was interested in starting an Assembly of God church to call her.  Jean Meeks and Shirley Barnes called her for information.  A meeting was held in a room at the First Atlanta Bank (Wachovia Bank) for people living in the area, but attending other churches in Savannah, and other interested people.  A group of people from First Assembly of God and Bacon Park Assembly of God also attended the meeting.

After this first meeting, the Pooler Town Hall was rented for services at a cost of $5.00 per service.  First Assembly of God's pastor, Brother Cecil Gray, helped start the ministry.  He told the first members that anything needed could come from First Assembly.

After praying for a building to rent and/or buy, Sister Shirley Barnes saw a little green house in Pooler that was for sale.  The next time she saw this house the sign said “For Rent”.  She called Sister Jean Meeks and they got in touch with Brother Gray.  With Brother Gray’s help things got rolling.  The first rent and utility payments came from money saved from tithes.  On December 6, 1975, donations were given from First Assembly and placed in the green house.

The first service at the present location, in the green house, was held December 7, 1975.  The first service was preached by Caroline Wilson, as a fill-in.  Brother Gray helped find a pastor, Brother Henry Carlisle.  This work was considered a mission and was named Westview Assembly of God.   It became a full-fledged church in 1978.  Attending the first service were:  Henry and Shirley Barnes; Ronnie, Peggy, and Shannon Cowart; Jack Brigdon; Lilly Green, and Jean, Timothy, and Lisa Meeks.

The new sanctuary was built by the men of the church, including Brother Henry Carlisle, Jack Brigdon, and Tom McGlamory.  These three men did most of the work.  Help was also received by the men from Maranatha Assembly of God in Rincon.  First Assembly, our Mother Church, provided pews, song books, the pulpit, tables and chairs.  Henry and Shirley Barnes provided chairs; Caroline Wilson provided offering plates and the sound system, and Jack Brigdon provided a piano and an air conditioner.

Calvary Assembly of God has had Godly pastors from the beginning.  In the 1980’s, God moved in revival and grew the church.  In the 1990’s, the church continued its work for the Lord.  Now, in the 2000’s, we are continuing to grow and work for the Lord under the leadership of our pastor, Daniel L. Webber.