National Women's Department - Touch The World Fund

How can Christians love the world? By making it a better place! That's what the offering you send for the national Touch the World Fund helps to do.

This fund represents the missions arm of the National Women's Department. Each September, churches and local ministries to women are encouraged to send an offering for national missions projects. Contributions may be sent with the church's regular missions offerings and can be received anytime during the year.

Offerings given to the national Touch the World Fund provide equipment and furnishings such as commercial-size kitchen and laundry appliances, classroom, dining room and dormitory furniture and office equipment. The requests for funds from the schools and institutions always exceed the amount of available funds. Help us not turn any request away for lack of funds.

Since the fund was established in 1957, giving has exceeded $7 million. More than 1,725 grants have been disbursed to AG World and U.S. Missions Bible schools (Native American) and institutions, and Compassion Ministries (AG Family Services Agency and Maranatha Village).
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